Men United

More and more often these days grown men are admitting to man crushes on footballers. I for an awful long time thought it was some kind of homosexuality, but to my reassurance it wasn’t just me who has got lost it Paulo Maldini’s eyes.

It all started for me back in 2001, Swansea signed a young, fresh faced French midfielder by the name of David Romo. At the time the Swans were in division 3, and would struggle to attract players from peterborough let alone paris.

I don’t know what it was maybe the mystery of a foreign country, the allure of tropical lands…..and to be fair I was 12 so had no idea north france pissed down like south wales. I even dedicated ‘the David Romo’ stand to my hero in my local park. Granted it was a corrugated sheet with ROMO painted on it in white paint, but it became iconic in the local area!

Let’s just understand that this concept dose not really work with the majority of british football players. Its not the same is it, how can a young boy fall in love with Gareth Southgate? The only thing I would describe mysterious about that man are his football management skills.

Nowadays I must confess to having a soft spot for Michael Laudrup manager of Swansea and Danish legend, great hair and skills on that guy. Anyway let me know your thoughts and your crush below…….

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1 Response to Men United

  1. dean gaffney says:

    I once had a crush on Ian Dowie. I just wanted him to wrap his strong arms around me and keep me safe.

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