The Broken Transfer Market

Buying a football player in the PL at the moment, is very much comparable to buying a second hand car the the 90’s. No idiot wants to spend their hard earned cash on a second hand Rover, when for less they can purchase a European comparable with leather seats and a cassette player.

That’s was the start of the UK economy going down the shite pan, and more shockingly this could be the start of the demise of English football. Naturally if you over price yourself in any market you will not sell your product. Meaning competitors will buy cheaper elsewhere.

What worries me is, if like the majority of PL clubs you over price all of your British players, they will not get the exposure they deserve. Thinking back over the last 5 years names like Ireland, Sinclair, Turnbull and Spearing come to mind. Because of the bounty’s placed on their heads, other PL teams would rather take a cheaper European gamble. And in turn hampering British youth players development.

The message is Buy British…….keep it real for Queen and for country. And for this very reason I hold the PL accountable for Wales’s FIFA ranking of 46. BASTARDS!

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1 Response to The Broken Transfer Market

  1. dean gaffney says:

    Who In their right mind would want a british player ATM, England have not produced a decent player since des walker!

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