The Rooney Conundrum

So Jose Mourinho’s kissy faces at Wayne Rooney has been made official following the Chelsea managers press conference during their preseason tour of Thailand.
Rooney’s nine years at United have been for the most part successful and fruitful for both parties, but in recent seasons the strikers petulance has come to the fore. Unhappy with not being centre stage at United, firmly in the spotlight, toys have been discarded from the pram and three tantrums later, it seems his exit is inevitable. But just as in Alex Ferguson’s tenure, United wont be bullied by either party. They’ll get what they want or Rooney will become the understudy he fears, and that some would say, deserves.

Even with all his ego, the England forward is still a quality player, and if Chelsea meet his valuation, they will be acquiring another top class footballer to add to there already formidable arsenal. With Mourinho insisting players going the other way won’t be involved in any deal, that would leave Chelsea with a forward line including Rooney, Torres, Mata, Hazard, & Oscar. And there’s still Ba and Lukaku waiting in the wings. Rooney would suit there fluid forward play but how Chelsea’s style will evolve under the ‘Special one’ remains to be seen.
Despite his stint at the anomaly that is Real Madrid, and the dressing room power struggles, Mourinho is known for his man management and building a team with great belief who will fight for there manager. He achieves this by making players feel important and wanted and part of the unit, and he proved this in his last term at Chelsea and at Inter. Massaging Rooney’s ego will be simple for Jose, and the same may also bring out the best in Torres, so would united be prepared to offload this talented nuisance to one of there closest rivals?
Mr Moyes may have slipped on sir Alex’s shoes, but can he swim in the deep end.

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