Simply Put… Thank you Sir Alex…

As a Manchester United fan being a blog novice, Where, No… Who better to reminisce over than in my opinion and I suspect many others too, The Greatest Manager of all time…

Love him or loathe him, you’d be hard pressed to not respect and admire what Sir Alex Ferguson has done, not just for Manchester united but for the world of football in general! Being a Manchester united fan of about 32 years I’ve barely known any different regarding the hot seat at old Trafford, but in 1986 when he was appointed the manager taking over from the much maligned big Ron Atkinson little did the united faithful or world football know what they had in store!

For he was about to turn what was widely considered a sleeping giant of a club from also ran’s to the global juggernaut it is today, not just transforming the clubs trophy cabinet from “a few trophies” here and there, to a “get the carpenter in, we’re gonna need more room” Although he won Two Champions League’s surely the First League title in the 92-93 season ending 26 years of hurt was his greatest achievement, Although some might point to the FA cup in 1990 as the trophy that saved his bacon allowing him the time to go on win the League!

He also helped to promote the brand that is Manchester United even more so around the globe, with fans coming from all walks of life and from the four corners of the earth to be part of the club.

There’s so much info, stats and data about SAF (as he’s commonly known in the world of twitter) that I could be writing this forever, I want to capture not only how I’ll remember him but talk about some of the highlights of his career as the gaffer, the boss, the godfather of world football!

One of the first things SAF wanted to do was, as he famously put it “knock Liverpool off their perch” (apologies Liverpool fans) by winning as many League titles as they had accumulated (18 in case you didn’t know) which as we know he went on to achieve.. and then some! Sometimes people can make bold statements but you have to be able to back it up and boy did he! Going on to take United to league title number 20 in his final season.

What about that piece of chewing gum… is it the same piece?? It seems like he’s been chewing it 27years, It wouldn’t surprise me if someone was to tell me that chewing gum sales hit a high during his tenure!!

Then there’s the famous plus somewhat controversial (only amongst the Non-United fans)” Fergie time” (this was the extra allotted time that only SAF was allowed at the end of a match, most notably when the score line wasn’t to his satisfaction.) Countless amounts of time’s would United score dramatic late goals to snatch victory or prevent a losing result and this can usually be attributed to “Fergie time” I’m pretty sure the referee’s checked their clocks with SAF watch at the start of each game! Amongst many other defining factors of his stint as the Boss I’m going to miss “fergie time” (hopefully he has passed his watch over the David Moyes)

Of course SAF was the centre of Manchester united, The Heartbeat of the club, but he needed the players, the right players to have the same drive and ambition on the pitch that he had off it! Some of his signings were just breath taking, especially if you consider the fees, Eric Cantona 1 million pounds! 1 MILLION POUNDS seriously! What a steal thanks Howard Wilkinson! Denis Irwin from Oldham for £625000.00! Widely considered pound for pound SAF greatest signing?? Peter Schmeichel from Brondby for £505000.00, the great dane the best United keeper of all time in my opinion, how many points did he win for SAF! Of course, Not all of his signings were on the cheap, Rooney, Ferdinand, Veron, Van Persie to name a few all in the 25million – 30 million bracket, Whilst most of the players he bought were huge success’s there we’re also some proper flops, let’s not forget Taibi, djemba djemba (so good they named him twice apparently) William Prunier (ok he was on trial but seriously) and Bebe which is surely his latest and worst of the lot (maybe the jury’s still out on him but i don’t expect to see him again)

Again the list goes on but we’ll leave it there.

Anyway I’m done so…

Simply Put…. Thank you Sir Alex! You are a legend and my life and millions of other United’s fan’s been enriched thanks to you.

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