Glorious failure

So, Arsenal managed to nick fourth spot on the final day of the season. They are the fourth best team. Number four out of twenty other teams over a series of 38 games. They are not as good as Man United, but better than QPR (but to be fair, I’ve seen pub teams better than QPR). So why all the Celebrations?

Now I realise, and agree, qualifying for the Champions league is a big deal. The status, the financial gain, the potential untouched fan base, rubbing shoulders with the greats. All desirable, all unachievable, for 99% of clubs at least, so if you do manage to bag that top four spot, then kudos to you. You deserve it. You’ve earned the right to be there and deserve the rewards that come with it. But let’s be absolutely crystal about this, you have won nothing. No trophy, no medal, no big day out at Wembley. So it’s probably best you don’t act like you have.
Doing ‘the bounce’ or the Klinsman dive at your fans just makes you look a bit silly. Be proud of your achievement, and congratulate your fans for their support, that’s fine, expected even, but not the bounce. Anything but the bounce.

Now, this isn’t a dig at Arsenal (I support Aston Villa after all), and maybe I’m just being Churlish, but finishing fourth shouldn’t be lauded. And shouldn’t be expected to be treated as such. Could you imagine Ferguson or Mourinho being pleased with fourth?
Surely trophies are what really matter. A clubs history is remembered for accolades, not being the better than 16 other teams.
Now, I’m off to celebrate finishing 15th.


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