Chapter two

The end of this season, albeit the anticlimax it was, feels like the end of a chapter. The close of the second act, where main characters are killed off and the the story arc twists in new directions. Some of the most iconic faces of the Premier League era have hung up their boots (or hairdryers) this week and it does feel a bit melancholic to see them go.

Ferguson, Beckham, Scholes and Carragher have all been staples of the Premier League over the years and to see them all depart feels like closure on the first era of the modern top flight. Each of them have been a huge character in the league, in their own individual, unique way. Beckham’s growth into a brand behemoth, Carragher’s grit and determination, Scholes seemingly endless masterclass display, and of course Ferguson’s stranglehold at the top of the league have helped sculpt the drama of the league into what it is today. And now they’ve gone, it definitely won’t be the same again.
It’s fair to say big players, who have helped mould the league to what it is have come and gone before. Cantona, Klinsmann, & Bergkamp spring to mind immediately, but it feels like we’ve never lost a crop like this in one fell swoop, and this is why there is such a feeling of closure for me.

Without doubt new stars will emerge and icons grow, but for now let’s say farewell to the old guard. It’s been a blast. A joyous, thrilling, infuriating ride, and I’ve loved every minute. I hope the next chapters as gripping as the last.


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