Wigan and Goliath

Huzzah! Rejoice on the streets of Wigan as the good guys defeated the evil galactic empire at Wembely yesterday. I am genuinely delighted for the incredibly likeable Roberto Martinez. It feels like he deserves this ‘moral victory’, though I still can’t seem to figure out why he warrants these emotions. But never the less, the underdogs triumphed in a story that nearly all school boys have recreated in there back gardens for years.

What bugs me about the final yesterday was just how massively patronising the majority of the media was towards Wigan before and after the game (please see paragraph one for reference). I lost count of how many times I heard ‘little Wigan’, or ‘Gareth Barry cost more than their starting 11’. Lets be clear, Wigan didn’t win a raffle to get to the final. They played and beat 5 other teams to get to Wembley. They earned the right to be there to compete, and ultimately lift, the FA cup.
True, they are a comparably smaller club next to Man city but they have been an established premier league club for 7 years, this isn’t Gillingham we’re talking about. Again True, they have struggled in the prem but they do play football ‘the right way’ and Martinez is a talented coach.

Wigan deserved the trophy yesterday because they were better than Man City. I’ll congratulate Wigan for being the better team on the day and scoring more goals than city. Not because they over come adversity or battled demons against the odds, but because they are quite good at football.


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