Times Up For Moyes?

Manchester United’s home record this season doesn’t make pleasant reading. Particularly for a club so dominant in the Premier League over the last 20 years or so. Transitioning from the the most successful manager in the leagues history was no small task but the manner in which David Moyes is guiding his new team is not winning him many friends from the United fan base.

Moyes has inherited a squad that won the league last season and comparing the team to the others competing for a Champions League place it’s fair to say they should be holding their own. It’s well noted that a creative midfielder is an obvious omission but with the likes of Van Persie, Rooney, Vidic, Evra, Carrick, and now Mata, they should be competitive with their peers, but consistent below par performances leave question marks over the manager. A poor summer in terms of transfers leaves the feeling of the club standing still compared to the rest of the league but the marquee signing in the winter window, and a few faces from the peripheries being shown the door, has started to address this.
More importantly, it’s on the pitch where United seem to be struggling so much. A lack of invention or cutting edge is surprising from a team that does boast talent and pace, both major contributing factors to last seasons title win, but the creativity has ebbed away this season. The apparent absence of a system, or playing style, or game plan that could make up for a missing play maker, is letting opponents easily set up and counter against United, particularly at Old Trafford. Against a relegation threatened Fulham the one dimensional plan to break them down was, pushing the ball wide and putting crosses into the box. Archaic at best, and no way for the current Premier League champions to behave. The inevitable result was a draw with two simple counter attacks from Fulham enough to earn them a point.
All of this points the finger squarely at Moyes. Sensibly any manger would need time to mould his team to how he wants them to be and the successor of Sir Alex Ferguson faces considerable extra pressure and expectation on top. Unfortunately Moyes hasn’t shown any glimmers hope that the future may be brighter. It seems he’s out of ideas, and out of his depth.

If Moyes departure is immanent, then who could/would take the reigns? It’s more than likely too late in the season to rescue Champions League football for next season, so a period of rebuilding would be in order. A young manager with fresh ideas and a modern approach to football would be ideal. A Pochettino or Simeone type who could bring energy and direction to a talented group. A step away from the Ferguson model and man who’s trying to continue the same legacy.
But Moyes remains in charge for now, and Man United fans will have to adapt to life as ordinary football fans. Without the glory, in ‘Glory, Glory Man United’.


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