John Terry is a step backwards for England

The cries for John Terry to be recalled to the England squad have recently gained momentum with mainstream media outlets joining the vocal support. The chances of a Hodgson listening are slim and taking him to Brazil would be a step backwards for England and it’s development.

A decorated and very competent player who has been a staple for Chelsea and a key member of the famous spine, which included Lampard and Drogba, that guided the club to so many trophies in recent years. A warrior on the pitch who would put his body on the line in a heart beat for his team, but at 33 the twilight of his career is upon him. Never the quickest of players, and now what little pace he had has left him and all that remains is a brave and willing centre back. In the modern game though this may not be enough to compete at the highest level. A modern centre back must be more cultured with the ball, a play maker from within his own half, and he must be more adaptable tactically. Pure blood and guts alone may not cut it in Brazil but it would be unfair to say Terry doesn’t have anything to offer. Experience in abundance and excellent organiser on the pitch he has knowledge to share but including JT in a World Cup squad feels like an act of desperation. But what are we desperate for? In reality England will not win the World Cup. To reach the last 16 would be an achievement and a quarter final would be a success. So including Terry would be an irrelevance. A throw back to previous failures and a continuation of a nations football standing still. The tournament in Brazil is an opportunity for England’s newer generation of players to learn and evolve. A stepping stone to future competitions where, in time, maybe England could compete with the truly great national teams. A win at all costs attitude in The World Cup, which an inclusion of Terry would signify, could only end in disappointment and signal the further stagnation of our national game.

The England set up now should only be looking to the future. With St George’s park the national team has the infrastructure to change and develop the national game, and this should start with the England team now. Seeds for a new national philosophy should start to sewn now so future generations will reap the fruits. Including John Terry in the World Cup squad only further delays a bright new future.


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