Fantasy Football Logic

Being a bit of a veteran in the world that is Fantasy football, I thought that maybe there should be a blog on what goes on inside the mind of a would be manager who’s only real tilt at being a football manager is via the internet or the national newspapers… it’s called Fantasy Football!

So what does this mean? Well for the uninformed you are given, let’s call it a war chest (since that what a large amount of money is referred to in today’s game all the name of building a team or strengthening). So yeah let’s say for arguments sake 100 million seems to be a popular amount to build your Fantasy Football team, But who do you buy? Do you go for the big names the ones you know will almost guarantee you big points… but they come at a price!! Possibly at 15% of you budget! Or do you go for the cheaper options? I mean they will score you points but maybe not up there with the big names, but then you have more of your budget available!

There is no real skill or tactics in choosing a winning team as a lot of it comes down to luck, sure you can choose wisely and maybe spend big but then there’s always variables like injuries and suspensions that come into play of which no amount of skill or tactics will help if this occurs!

Right that out the way I come to the logic part? How do you decide who’s going into your team? Personally I want to win so if I have to choose players from another rival regardless of whether I like them or not I will… after all it’s a game, a competition to see who can win, sometimes there might be money riding on it either set by the terms of the Fantasy Football provider or a local bet between friends, But regardless it’s all about winning in my eyes, but there is a stubbornness out there that would disable the ability to choose players of a rival club! Why? Who knows! Everyone has their own logic on whom and why they choose a player!

One thing I know for sure is it makes me watch football matches in a different way…

Once I wouldn’t be too concerned if a rival or another team had scored a goal but now I want to know who scored the goal? Is he in my team? If not, who provided the assist, there’s points to be had here too! Then there’s clean sheets for a goalkeeper and defenders… coming up to those last few minutes, with “C’mon don’t concede now”! But if you’re going to make sure it’s another player in my team who scores it!

Anyway I love the football season for two reasons… One its nice to have football on the telly again, and Two I want to see how good my managerial skills (or luck) is for the upcoming season!

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