Its not about the glory, its the story

I feel that your hand is drawn from the location your were born in terms of team you support. As a kid there wasn’t much glamour going down the Vetch Field supporting Swansea, sometimes you would see the odd washed up big time player, but for me it was the atmosphere, it was affordable £60 quid for a season ticket and best if all it was fun.

Most of my mates were Man Utd or Liverpool fans, and most of which had never even been to their clubs grounds or even city for that matter. This isn’t football this is advertising and the press neglecting smaller clubs. In truth kids have no other choice but to support the big clubs as there is nothing hardly ever written or said about the smaller ones. Yes the internet has helped but more needs to be done.

I remember one season Swansea were on an atrocious run of form, probably hadn’t won in 7 games. But every home game I would give 3 pounds to my mates uncle to put a bet on the Swans. I would always go for 3 or 4 nil, at about 50-1. John Williams to score first, the irony of it all was that John Williams started about 3 games for the Swans that season and scored a total of about 4 goals. So thinking back now 50-1 was pretty smalls odds!! That bet slip really encapsulated my dreams, hopes and aspirations for my team……and I wouldn’t change a second of it.

As the new season approaches there are kids just like me when I was 11, anticipating the new season, intrigued by the new signings, awaiting the arrival of their new shirt for the season to commence. That first home match of the season, hot and sunny, big crowd always gets the butterflies going. And for me this is football…….get in there early have a burger, analyse the new players and have a good piss around.

Bugger sky sports and BT… 5, 10 or 12 pounds for your son and take him to your local club. Let him fall in love with the game, get collecting the programs, wait for the players in the cold and rain to sign his shirt. Its not just a football match its a social gathering, meeting new friends and developing confidence. And of course brining in new fans to any club will bring in extra income, to help secure the future of your team. Enjoy the new season, smile, cry and dream for your club.

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