We’re Back!

Oh my days… just like Aragorn, Jon Snow, or the big JC, we are back! Your favourite Premier League podcast is returning to an ear hole near you.

And this time, not just the Premier League, but all things football (but mainly the Premier League). It’s just like before, but a bit different. Each fortnight the gang will dissect the hottest footballing topics for your audible pleasure. Unlike before, the show will now be every two weeks and posting on a Friday. But fear not. The gang are just as unprepared and ill informed as ever. So expect all the usual drivel you’ve come to know and love.

So listen in, get in touch, and enjoy the show. And who knows, maybe this season there may be a few sneaky surprises along the way too. Get listening…


The gang@cleanpairofshirts.com  @cleanpairshorts

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