The CPOS Podcast is on Holiday

It is with heavy heart and a tearful eye that we begrudgingly announce the CPOS Podcast is on hiatus. 

Sadly, despite the elaborate facade and spin, this isn’t our day job and things in real life have prevented Mike, Ollie, and Russ from continuing with the Podcast in the immediate future. Stupid real life, always getting in the way. 

We can only apologise for the gaping void now left in your Wednesday’s. No more ill researched ‘facts’. No more expert analysis of games we haven’t watched. No more players heights used as method to measure ability. No more shit jokes about Steve Bruce. Only sorrow remains. 

But all is not lost. This very website will still be a hive of activity. Expect more written content on the site than ever before. More things about players heights, games we haven’t watched, and Steve Bruce. And fear not. One day soon the podcast will return like a rising Pheonix. And once again you’ll here our angelic voices like golden ambrosia in your ear holes. 

Until that day, keep coming back here to the site to see and here our football opinions for yourself. What more joy could be had. 


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