The big R

So that’s it. Aston Villa’s stay in the big league has come to an end, also not a very distinguished end!!
As you might know some months back I wrote a post about Villa’s shaky start to the season. Since then we have sacked two managers and two chief executives and one of the longest serving players has been suspended twice in a matter of weeks, and to top off a bad weekend two of the trio of men who came in to save us decided that after a month at the stricken club, that was enough and walked!.

I am going to quote a fan’s comments who said “Villa have died from a thousand cuts” or Lingchi ( wow get me with some knowledge ) now that is a very true statement. A lingering torture that the poor Villa fans have suffered for near on five seasons with a cheeky FA cup final whipping from Arsenal as a cheeky bonus. 

Well all that I can see is that we have gone from being a Premiership laughing stock into a Championship laughing stock. This could be as bad as what happened to former heavy weights likes Leeds, both Sheffield clubs,  and now even Bolton. A classic case of mismanagement, poor recruitment and an American owner who underestimated the rigours of the Premier league.

Only 25% of relegated clubs from the Premier bounce back the next season and with so many lacklustre playing staff who seem to spend more time on the front page rather than the back, what do Villa as a club do!!! 

Well to start they need to get Brian Little ( Villa Legend ) to find us a new manager and we also need, new to the job, Chairman Steve Hollis to find a buyer and get Lerner away from our club. Then we consolidate and build a side that are proud to be playing for Aston Villa and not just here for a pay check.

Mike Simmons

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