No Podcast This Week (again)

Hello. Unfortunately there will be no Podcast again this week. The distance of different cities has prevented us from recording. We can’t mention England technically now being world Champions. We can’t talk about Kane and Vardy’s goals being the best England goals in quite some time. We can’t talk about Dele Alli being better than the whole German team. And we can’t talk about the passing of the great man Cruyff. Quite Frankly, it isn’t good enough. Standards have slipped. But fear not. A comprehensive root and branch enquiry has been launched and the findings of this audit will pave the way for this never to happen again. At least not for a few weeks. 

We’ll be back next week, just like the Premier League, so sit tight and send your questions in for Question if the week. To do that, just click this and choose which one you like.



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