Heavy Metal Football

What will Liverpool get in Klopp. With Jurgan Norbert Klopp’s imminent arrival to the Red half of Liverpool, what will the Anfield elite get from a 6ft 4″ former Striker/Defender????

Klopp is touted as one of Europe’s finest footballing minds and to say he likes ‘Heavy Metal’ loud and in your face football, shows his philosophy might work well in the loud and in your face world of Premier League football.

I am a fan of the German and I think he is not just a fan of football, but also a fan of working to build something wonderful from the doom and gloom. If you take his tenure at Dortmund ( oblivious choice ), in 2008 he signed a 2 year deal and replaced Thomas Doll of all people. Now that previous season Dortmund finished 13th and were on the slide, Klopp came in and steadied the ship, beat Bayern to win the cup and finish 6th in the league. He did all of this with many of the same players but how, I hear you all chant!!! Well this is what I really like about how this mans brain ticks and also he is charismatic, cheeky and has an outgoing personality.

  “Is Gegenpressing or counter pressing in sort pressing the opposition high up the pitch and give them little time to adjust to their game tempo and give your team more opportunities at goal, combine that with a super fit team and your on to a winner here is a little picture”


Now this meant Dortmund did not have to go break the bank on massive transfer fee’s they just turned their players into super fit running machines and any prize money they came across was reverted back into the club for super cool training tools like the famous Footbonaut. 
Now look at Liverpool’s current state. The departed Rogers spent a shed load of cash and failed to build a competitive side not once but twice. Now enter Klopp, who will look at this young squad and work them to the point of near death and then turn them into a loud, in your face side that will attack like a pack of hungry dogs. This will take time and forget dreaming about buying Marco Reus , you’ll probably find Mr Milner will be one of the stars due to his high work rate and attitude and sorry Mario, I think your cards are in the post as I write. 

I really am a believer that this man can kick start the new era at Liverpool, a slightly different era that most seem to want to see from the Kop end but if you win games and keep the costings low, surely that’s a win win for fans and board. 


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