Bye Brendan

Liverpool fans rejoice, the looming axe has finally fallen on Brendan Rogers. Despite the media hyperbole of, not if but when, there is still a little shock in the swiftness of his execution. Yeah the results have been bad but surely he’s got until Christmas, right. Right?

Apparently not. Shortly after a limp draw in the Merseyside derby the Fenway Sports Group dispatched their man, although the decision had apparently already been made before the game had kicked off. Rogers had been in charge since July 2012 and with bags loads of Money spent and a revolving door of transfers it never felt like stability was a priority for Liverpool in his tenure, and middling league positions reinforced this. A 2nd place finish two seasons ago was a highlight of his reign but, what felt like an over achievement at the time, could not be built upon and disappointment in the league and Europe followed. It could be argued that the club as a whole were in a transitional period with Brendan tasked with birthing the new Liverpool in the post Carragher and Gerrard era. Any manager would struggle to cope overseeing the departure of such iconic players but this was not enough to save him. A trophy less proprietorship and poor start this season was never going to end well. The lack of Champions League was also difficult to swallow for fans and average showings in the Europa League did little to appease.

So what now? An international break gives the FSG crew a couple of weeks to find their new man but given the inevitability of the sacking it would be foolish to think there isn’t already irons in fires. De Boer and Ancelotti are on the favorites list but with one currently employed and the other on a years sabbatical it seems that Klopp may be the man. Or maybe that’s just my own wishful thinking. Imagine a Klopp’s Liverpool in the Premier League, a Dortmundesque team scything through opponents with pace and energy. Delightful. Whimsy aside, there does seem to something of a natural fit for Klopp and Liverpool, but if Football has taught us anything, it’s if it seems obvious, it probably wont happen. It is after all, a funny old game.


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