Man City and the Dangers of Predicting 

Lets be clear, this seasons Premier League is only 3 games old. A mere baby. Any end of season predictions are fundamentally flawed thanks to chaos theory, the passage of time, and the inevitability of Chelsea dropping points at the Britania. With that caveat in place, I’ll now regale you with tales of my public premonition of Manchester City not finishing in any of illustrious Champions League spots. 

Whether I was swept away in the ferver of the impending Premier League season, or just showing off in front of the bigger boys, after three games this prediction seems somewhat wayward. City have been formidable in these early stages of the league season. Eight goals scored without reply reinforces the observation. At first glance it seemed they hadn’t done enough to strengthen there squad during the summer break. The Marquee signing of Raheem Sterling didn’t feel like enough, and after last terms complacency stricken display (post title win) a more thorough re-jig was expected. Otamendi aside that didn’t happen, so the writing seemed on the wall for Pellegrini and another meandering season awaited. But no. Toure and Kompany didn’t get that memo and both have fired Man City into fine fettle. Kompany is back to his majestic and sturdy best, and Toure rediscovering his drive have lit the touch paper. As a team they’ve been direct, focussed, purposeful, and with the talent in there ranks, a little bit frightening. Sterling has slotted in seemlessly along side Aguero, Silva and Nasri, et al and goals have been flowing. De Bruyne arrival is also imminent so their forward line is filled with pace, movement, and skill. All supported by power and drive from midfield. Is that hasn’t got mid table written all over it, I don’t know what does. 

All this goes to show is how little I actually know. But in truth, how little any of us really know. We don’t know who is going to win the league or who will qualify for the champions league. Best guess is all we have. At this stage Leicester have as much chance of winning the league as anyone else. And if I’m honest I hope they do. But best guess, it’s probably cities to loose. 


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1 Response to Man City and the Dangers of Predicting 

  1. AQ says:

    As you said – it all depends on the form of Toure and Kompany. If they are either injured or suffer a dip in form similar to last season’s City might struggle

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