The New Era

As of this morning Manchester United have completed the majority of their preseason campaign under the tutelage of new Dutch boss Louis Van Gaal (referred to in this masterpiece as ‘LVG’ or ‘King Louis’) with only a homecoming tie against the 2nd best white shirted team in La Liga to come. Preseason is always viewed by fans with the same scrutiny every year with the overshadowing argument of ‘fitness or form’; bar Luke Shaw (who was just getting pissed in #marbs with yours truly) MUFC appear to have achieved both so called objectives of a pre cum season. A comfortable win against that team Beckham used to play for in addition to victories versus Inter, Roma and European champion mega spend spend Real Madrid. The real bread and butter acid test came last night against the old enemy Liverpool who were also dispatched with apparent ease.

All good then, Manchester United are going to win the treble again and Sir Alex can finally join Obi One and Yoda.

However there appears to be a slight concern in the eyes of the more astute and handsome United fans around, and that is what lies in front of our GK. Silly penalties have been conceded in numerous games in addition to other decisions that went MUFCs way in the 18 yard box and could been given to our detriment on a more competitive Plateau.

With the loss of Rio and Serbian Slayer (made that up) from the heart of defence, the team is crying out for a world class center back. If there’s one thing I hate (there are several things I hate) its paper talk (twitter gossip included), the constant drivel of every player in the world linked with every club in the world (Aston Villa excluded) from papers and twit feeds of which lack infinite verifiability as the reporter’s privilege compendium states that journalists don’t have to reveal their sources. These ‘sources’ are just as likely to be contrived from a dream a journo had which included a Dragon as appose to a source from within a board room.

Manchester united need to bring in top quality defenders if they are going to amount any sort of challenge on the holy grail that is the top four, especially since ‘King Louis’ seems partial to the very Napoliesk (made up word) 3-5-2 formation, midfield options now look substantial with the addition of young Spanish CM Herrera and the return of Scottish great Darren Mc’Fletcher to play in the middle of the park, with Mata, Kags and Rooney pulling the strings further forward.

Watch this Space.


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