Pre-Season Friendlies – Fitness or Form?

With the Pre-Season a distant memory and the league now in full flow, how have those long trips over international waters to places like the US and Asia aided in your teams preparation for the season?
For the most part it’s a huge PR stunt to pull in revenue from sections of the planet that don’t get to enjoy seeing their idols on a regular basis, But also its about getting players into shape for the season…
Or is it?
Being a Manchester United supporter our tour around Asia, Australia and finishing in Sweden resulted in a few defeats, not normally expected against teams that are probably at league 1 standard, (No disrespect, my opinion) I know these teams are half-way or part-way through their league programs and have more minutes on the pitch than the British clubs but you expect comfortable wins or at least victory, this leads on to the point of the blog, do you see this PR excursion as a way to get players in to shape and build their fitness up? or is it about getting results, building confidence? As they say winning breeds confidence!
Today’s footballer is incredibly fit, a highly tuned athlete who’s job is to train a couple of times a week then play 1 or 2 games a week, so really fitness should come naturally, for me its about getting that confidence going, getting that striker scoring goals, the defence getting in tune with each other so they are all singing from the same hymn sheet come August!
So Fitness or Form? I say Form.. but that’s me.

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