Total Disrespect

Luis Suarez’s “total disrespect” of Liverpool has now left his position at the club completely untenable. Shunned off to train alone, it seems the Uruguayan may have already played his last game for the club. What’s confusing is, does he believe this attitude and disregard of contractual agreements really make him appealingly to another club?
Having previous at Groningen, where he threatened, and took legal action against the club to force a move to Ajax, the thought may be that he wouldn’t chance his hand again. He lost that legal case but the move went through following an improved bid from Ajax. Perhaps the belief in his camp is that history will repeat itself but lessons can be learned from history, and warning lights must surely be flashing for any prospective club. His open disregard for Liverpool football club, and especially there fans, also cannot be too appealing.

And then there is his on field misdemeanours. Banned for Biting PSV’s Otman Bakkal in 2010 and then again for the same offence on Chelsea’s Ivanovic this year. The ‘infamous’ goal line handball in the quarter final of the last World Cup, which denied Ghana the winner and subsequently saw them exit from the tournament, all do little to enhance his public image. Most damning of all is the spat with Manchester United’s Patrice Evra. Racist allegations shrugged off as mere colloquialisms do not sit well with most right minded folk.

So why is he employed at all? Well despite his penchant for the disorderly he does happen to be a fantastic footballer. Pace, quick feet, and unpredictability are sought after commodities. (REF: Gareth Bale). And he knows where the ol’ onion bag is. Uruguay’s all time top goal scorer, Dutch player of the year, Dutch Golden boot, & Copa America player of the tournament 2011, all do not look to shabby on the CV. He had terrorised, sometimes quite literally, Premier League defences since landing in England and, when on form, would not be out of place in any top club in Europe.

So the question is, will anyone be wiling to stump up the hefty sum Liverpool require, to land a world class player who would be just as happy, slapping you in the face as scoring a goal. Would you?

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