Talking nonsense

First admission. I support Aston Villa Football Club.

Second Admission. I don’t know everything about football. And I’m sure you’ll soon have no trouble in telling me that.

Third admission. Despite my second admission, I will waffle on about football indefinitely until slapped or distracted by something shiny.

Today is the Champions league final and I’m darn well excited. Fair play to Chelsea as there weren’t many predicting they would be there tonight, but I can’t help feeling that Chelsea might have there work cut out. They did a good job of stifling Barca, aided by good fortune, but tonight will be a different proposition. Barca play relatively narrow which makes ‘parking the bus’ a more straight forward option. I can’t help thinking Bayern’s width with Robben and Ribery will stretch that bus a little thin allowing gaps for Bayern’s central two, too bomb on and exploit. If Chelsea employ a counter attacking system I fear they may leave Munich disappointed.
I can’t help but like Di Matteo and so far in his Chelsea tenure he has proved his tactical knowledge. I genuinely hope he goes for the throat which, not only may be the best option, but should guarantee an open game. Having said that, gut feeling is 2-0 Bayern.
But I hope not.

Forth admission. It’s perfectly natural for a fully grown adult to be excited by Panini football stickers.

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